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Empowering Audiences, Igniting Success

Sanjeev Desour Entrepreneur

Sanjeev Desour, the founder of the Entrepreneurs Academy and the IGNITE Group, is a sought-after speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, investor, and mentor. With a remarkable track record spanning 17 years of coaching individuals and businesses, Sanjeev has become a trusted authority in the realm of personal and professional growth.


As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Sanjeev captivates audiences with his ideas and thought-provoking insights. His passion for igniting success and empowering others shines through in every engagement. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Sanjeev offers a diverse range of impactful topics that resonate with audiences across various industries and organisations.


Drawing from his own entrepreneurial journey and extensive experience coaching individuals and businesses to achieve remarkable results, Sanjeev brings a unique blend of practical wisdom, motivational storytelling, and actionable strategies to his speaking engagements. His talks are designed to challenge limiting beliefs, ignite transformative thinking, and inspire profound change.


Sanjeev Desour Business Mentor

Whether speaking at conferences, corporate events, educational institutions, or industry-specific gatherings, Sanjeev delivers presentations that leave a lasting impact. His authentic and relatable style creates a genuine connection with the audience, making each talk a transformative experience.


As a speaker, Sanjeev covers a wide range of subjects, including entrepreneurship, leadership, personal growth, mindset mastery, and business strategies. Through engaging narratives and real-world examples, he delivers key insights and practical takeaways that audience members can immediately implement in their lives and businesses.

Sanjeev Desour Business Coach

Sanjeev's expertise goes beyond the boundaries of the stage. As a serial entrepreneur, property investor, multi-business owner and visionary founder of the Entrepreneurs Academy, he has empowered countless individuals, investors and businesses to reach their full potential and unlock extraordinary success. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that individuals and businesses encounter, Sanjeev's coaching methods are meticulously crafted to deliver practical, relevant, and highly effective advice. Notably, he is the mastermind behind The Business Success System, a transformative framework that has propelled numerous ventures to unprecedented heights. Additionally, Sanjeev's authorship of the acclaimed IGNITE The Power Within book series further showcases his profound insights and commitment to helping others ignite their true potential.

Now is the time to book Sanjeev Desour for your next event or organisation. Inspire your audience, IGNITE their passion, and equip them with the tools and strategies needed to excel in today's dynamic world. Whether you are seeking a keynote address, a breakout session, or a customised workshop, Sanjeev's speaking engagements will empower your audience to overcome obstacles, embrace growth, and achieve their goals.


Don't miss the opportunity to have Sanjeev Desour share his transformative insights and inspire your audience. Together, let's create an event that leaves a lasting impact and fuels the journey to extraordinary success.


Book Sanjeev Desour now and embark on an unforgettable speaking experience that will empower, inspire, and ignite the path to greatness.

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